King's Council The Game

was made as Oulu Game Lab project. It was started in autumn 2014 with 10 people strangers to each another and all new to the game industry, in Demo Path phase. Several people leaving, few coming in, the project continued in spring 2015 in Game Path phase with aim to produce and publish a complete PC game.

Game Modes

- Single player against 3 AI players
(Player amount is always fixed 4 players)

- Multiplayer over network with 2-4 human players
(If one of the player loses connection or is kicked out for whatever reason, the computer AI will take over)

- Hotseat single PC/Tablet with 2-4 human players
(The windows version also supports touch-screen playing with large screen. Tested with 2-in-1 laptops)

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Game Description

The gameplay is very unique boardgame-like strategy game. Main difference from other strategy games being that all units in game are citizens living in the kingdom.

One hires citizens and uses them to gain power over important people and buildings. While interaction between citizens is crucial, there is no killing in this game, nor "magic factories" that produce new soldiers to replace the dead ones. The interaction is more political and harassment by nature.

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Game Loop

Game is divided into days which each contain a voting proposal, which are part of bigger 3-chapter stories told; events occuring in kingdom. At the end of each day, King’s Council needs to decide how events are handled, in a good or a bad way, which players themselves wants to affect to aid their own secret goals.

Some days you win, some days you lose, some days you ignore. Every day is a new opportunity to gain power in the eyes of the citizens.

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Copyright 2015, King’s Council project group